Globally-Minded, Student-Driven, & Authentic

I’ve been hunting for specific examples of classroom experiences that are globally-minded, student-driven and authentic. There are many great examples in the Coetail course 5 videos.

I used TubeChop to focus in on specific elements of some of these projects. You can see the entire clips by simply clicking “YouTube.”

Emily Roth, Grade 4 Blogging Project:


Julie Bredy, Grade 7 Humanities (Search, Infographics, & Google Earth)


Leslie Davison, Grade 9 Spanish (Communication, Global Awareness, & Connections)


Tabitha Johnson, Grade 2 (Power of Choice, iPad Apps)


Jessica Faivre, Grade 10 Language Arts


Ruben Puentadura, consultant and creator of the SAMR model for selecting, using, and evaluating technology in education:


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