15 months + Coetail = Technologically Nimble



A couple of years ago I kept seeing the word “Coetail ” in my Twitter feed. Eventually I discovered it was a program in educational technology and information literacy. I noted that many of the educators I was following and learning from were in Coetail or were Coetail graduate s.

I signed up.

For me, it has been transformational in developing my online voice, experimenting with blogging, including designing a blog for sharing resources at my school, and connecting with educators all over the world.

Coetail has the potential to redefine educational leadership in numerous ways, including promoting ongoing reflection and learning, connection and collaboration, and creating educators who are able to learn, unlearn, and relearn. In other words, helping us to become technologically nimble.

In addition, I really appreciate the ways in which coetail has promoted a growth mindset. It’s about being learners with our colleagues and our students. It’s about modeling learning, including struggle, and making failure simply a normal part of the process.

I used to worry about technology failing at critical times. I appreciate that I can fix whatever might not be working, even for colleagues, at least most of the time. I have Coetail to thank for thi s. Our school recently hosted a literacy conference with regional participants. Two couldn’t make it and we were able to connect them via a Google Hangout. This too, I wouldn’t have been able to manage with out the great learning I’ve just finished.

At the same time I think it’s safe to say I’ve just begun. the world is changing quickly and in order to prepare our students for their futures, we have to keep up.

8 Replies to “15 months + Coetail = Technologically Nimble”

  1. Shary, I loved your reflective video! It was really insightful.

    I liked how you addressed collaboration and educators as learners. I thought it was really cool how you used a humorous approach to model the response to struggle when the tech wasn’t working and you asked students how they felt, engaging them in the process of struggle, confronted by a dilemma. Observing the students’ excitement during the expert’s virtual visit was also great. It was fascinating to hear their reflections regarding the experience and the connection they felt to the scientist. Curiosity and the contact with an expert seemed to deepen their inquiry, which is a great takeaway.

    We’re off to an exciting year and I feel very fortunate to be working with you!

  2. Outstanding! After reading through the comments above, you should totally use this for recruiting! Who would not want to work with you?! This would totally sell me on a school!

  3. Well done Shary! I loved your video and I am inspired to push my growth in technology.
    So wonderful to see your smiling face and some of my dear grade 3 kiddos.
    Miss you and everyone at AAS!

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