UNIS CoLaboratory ~ Inspiration at ECIS!

My favorite session at ECIS this year had to be Francesca Zammarano’s session on the Colaboratory at UNIS. Francesca is the Junior School Technology Integrator at UNIS and she walked participants through the space, purpose and curriculum of their makerspace. 

The space is designed to inspire making, learning, collaborating, failing, and trying again. 

I’m particularly intrigued by the curriculum strands they have integrated into their program:


You can learn more about the program at UNIS here.

Francesca provided a couple of other resources for getting started including the MakerSpace Playbook and a Blueprint: Maker Programs for Youth.

Edutopia also has a couple of resources on Designing a School MakerSpace and the DIY World of Maker Tools and Their Uses.

Does your school have a makerspace? If not, are you thinking about creating one? I’m hoping we can build enthusiasm for one at AAS-Sofia!


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