Looking Forward to Course 5


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It’s exciting to have the first four COETAIL courses behind us! Reading through our earliest blog posts, it’s amazing how much learning has occurred during this academic school year and in our cohort!

Looking ahead I have several ideas to mull over and possibly play with in the fall.

Idea 1:

Technology Use for Today’s Families: Finding Balance and Understanding Learning in Today’s Classrooms

The main emotion I hear from parents about technology is fear.

This past spring our ICT Manager and I ran a 21st Century Learning Coffee Series that was quite popular.

I’d like to respond to our community’s deeper questions and take our work to the next level.

Thinking about our specific population this might include more research and examples of how families are navigating this brave new world of technology. Some parents also expressed a desire to better understand how to control their own digital footprint.

I have done many parent presentations and professional learning sessions for teachers. However, I anticipate this would be a merging of the two styles in which I engage our parents to be learners at a new level and one that also integrates technology.

It could be a series in which they, too, got to see and understand what a flipped classroom feels like or are asked to experiment with visual note-taking during a session. This would be quite different from what we’ve done in the past.

Idea 2:

Collaborating with Elementary Grade Level Team to Redesign a Unit

Another possibility is to collaborate with one of our teaching teams to redesign a traditional unit. Our collaboration could serve as an example of how this type of shift could work at our school.

While there are many great examples of technology integration happening, there are still numerous questions about the process. In some ways our school is still sorting out what technology integration looks like from the ground up — starting with the first conversations and early ideas.

We could also document a sort of open lab blog space in which we keep track of our meetings, conversations, and unit evolution and share it with the entire elementary team.

This process would model shared learning including grappling, risk-taking, (occasional failure!) and transparency.

This would be helpful for our school community to see as we continue to raise the bar with regard to transforming our classrooms with technology and learning practices such as project based learning.

Plus it would be great fun!

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